Driving Efficiency in Design and Performance through Sustainability

As more enterprises focus on energy efficiency to cut data center costs, more are looking to providers with a solid sustainability strategy who can offer cost-effective, green data center options. For colocation customers, better use of energy delivers lower costs.

Our data centers are designed to require fewer construction materials to construct while delivering industry-leading PUE (power usage effectiveness) levels—resulting in a smaller carbon footprint when compared to similar data centers. Our current standards have delivered data centers with design PUEs as low as 1.12. We utilize water-efficient and free cooling technologies and tap into reclaimed water supplies where available to minimize our use of potable water. We continue to expand our ability to reduce the carbon footprint of our data centers as they become operational by pairing our facilities with sources of renewable energy.

Since 2009, more than half of our certified projects have received Gold or Platinum-equivalent ratings. These initiatives are shown to deliver increased asset value and lower operating costs for our customers.

Why Customers Choose Digital Realty Data Centers

  • 再生可能エネルギー: 100% Wind Power for U.S. Retail Colo
  • Energy Efficiency: Achieved 20% Energy Efficiency DOE Target Goal
  • Leader in Green Building: 認定環境配慮型ビルを他のどの事業者よりも多く所有
  • 初のグリーンボンドを行使済み: $493 million net allocated to 9 sustainable projects in 4 countries





Powering the Green Data Center

This planning guide “Powering the Green Data Center” looks at the importance of environmental concerns in the age of heightened corporate responsibility, and identifies the considerations for moving to a clean energy model for data centers.




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