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With Cross Connects, Don’t Forget to Read the Fine Print

Damion Lackamp
3月 16, 2015

Looking for more connections? No matter who your data center services provider is, you’ll need to find a way to physically connect with the partners and services you need to make your operations work.

Before you make the jump, however, remember: not all cross connects are created equal. The physical cable only accounts for part of the equation. In seeking more connections, we urge you not to forget to read the fine print.

At Telx, a cross connect is much more than a physical connection. The true value comes not just from the physical cable, but also from everything else that’s included when you leverage our interconnection solutions to help your business. Read our fine print, and you’ll find that our cross connects are backed by:

  • 15 year operating history: It’s impossible to build a business without connections. We’ve built our business through our ability to forge connections with others, and use that experience to provide a better service to all of our customers.
  • Secure, redundant, and resilient environments: With a 100% uptime SLA, you’ll know you can count on our connections.
  • Centralized Meet-Me-Room management: We manage the meet-me-rooms in all of our data center facilities around the country, many of which serve as the building meet me room in some of the most interconnected buildings in the world. Telx facilitates thousands of transactions every minute of every day via our robust ecosystem.
  • MarketplacePORTAL: Automated desktop and mobile device provisioning and troubleshooting ensures minimum disruption for you and your customers. MarketplacePORTAL also allows you to quickly audit and manage interconnection inventory.
  • Dynamic provisioning: Our 100% SLA also covers 24 hour cross connect provisioning so that you’re able to quickly leverage your new interconnection.
  • Telx’s ecosystem of over 1,200 customers—and over 600 networks: A connection’s no good if it doesn’t give you options. Connecting through the Telx ecosystem gives you direct access to leading providers, services, exchanges, businesses, and more.
  • Flexibility: Above all, our large suite of interconnection solutions offfers you flexible solutions you can take advantage of—with more than one good solution you’ll find the feature set that best supports the complex challenges facing your business. You’ll have access not just to cross connects, but also our entire connection portfolio, which better positions your business for success.

Like most other things in life, with a cross connect, you get what you pay for! Free interconnection solutions may seem enticing, but they will not bring you the same level of value as a Telx cross connect. Let Telx help launch your business to the next level.

So don’t brush off the fine print. Often, a connection is more than just a connection.

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