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Why the MarketplacePORTAL Now Offers Public Access

Andrew Baird
6月 5, 2014

Telx has the privilege of working with an incredible lineup of customers, partners and vendors, each contributing to a diverse set of communities (Network & Carrier, Cloud & IT, Enterprise, Financial, and Digital Media). We are proud of our customers, their achievements and strategic goals, and we want them to have the best opportunity to succeed. After all, when our customers win, we win.

With so many companies in the same data center, there are bound to be many opportunities, including IaaS offerings from cloud partners, dark fiber providers, video content providers for carrier and cable provider consumption, and financial institutions with various latency requirements. But how do you know what these opportunities are unless you have a way of seeing them? And if you have a need from the data center ecosystem (e.g. the need for a carrier to connect with to provide a long haul connection from a Telx data center to a remote office), where do you go to find the answers?

Rewind 10 years ago to Telx’s CBX (Customer Business Exchange) event, and you’ll find a rich history of Telx providing its customers, partners and prospects a platform to break anonymity and provide the transparency needed to do business with companies that have the solutions that buyers are looking for. In 2012, post CBX, Telx matured its platform to the MarketplacePORTAL and MarketplaceLIVE event, which gave the Telx ecosystem a platform to still do business with Telx, and it gave all participants the ability to learn from thought leaders representing the different verticals in Telx’s customer base.

Today, the MarketplacePORTAL has evolved once more. After having our initial MarketplacePORTAL launch, we learned that hiding our discovery and communities features behind a login and password wasn’t doing our suppliers any favors, and our buyers were frustrated buyers. Who wants an ID and Password to window shop? So, Telx listened and learned, met with its customers, and delivered a newly designed MarketplacePORTAL that gives anyone on the internet the ability to see the opportunities available in the Telx data center ecosystem (no login required). Telx locations, company names, product details, contact details, and community bulletins (announcements, events, Twitter feeds, etc.) are now all available for anyone to query and break the ice to inquiry for more information without having to login.

Telx continues to work with its customers to build tailored storefronts as well as to offer the existing operational services on the MarketplacePORTAL (opening cross connects, managing data center inventory and facility access, invoices, trouble tickets and remote hands requests, etc.). We also love customer feedback and plan to continue to enhance the MarketplacePORTAL in the future. So if you or someone in your organization would like to help us test our prototypes, please email marketplaceportal@telx.com.

Try out the MarketplacePORTAL today at https://marketplaceportal.telx.com, and leverage Telx’s rich data center ecosystem to strengthen relationships, market your message, and grow.

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