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Our Promise of Five Nines Uptime During California’s Potential Blackouts

Joe Sacks, VP, Enterprise Solutions West
8月 20, 2019

In the wake of fires and other natural disasters becoming prevalent in California, there’s reasonable concern from residents and businesses alike about safety and power. As a preventative measure, Pacific Gas & Electric Co (PG&E), California’s largest electricity utility, may shut off power when the risks of fire are elevated in order to de-energize parts of their grid. Large cities like San Francisco and San Jose could experience blackouts during this wildfire season in last resort situations as PG&E may consider shutting down high-voltage transmission lines as a pre-caution.

In the midst of potentially impending blackouts and outages, our number one priority is the safety of your IT environments. No one knows if and when these pre-emptive blackouts may occur, but one thing is certain: Digital Realty’s data centers have emergency power systems in place that keep our facilities up and running in the event of a power outage. Additionally, some facilities have other feeds off of the PG&E grid. Our disaster recovery solutions ensure that your business operations remain secure whether a blackout happens unexpectedly or because of Mother Nature.

As we all know, redundancy is one of the most important aspects of your disaster recovery strategy. It’s critical to have a redundant design in place which is something we can customize based on your business needs. Our team of engineering experts with decades of combined experience implementing redundant systems work to ensure your business never experiences a minute of downtime. Whether you’re looking for 2N or N+1, we have solutions that are engineered for your needs.

This year marks our 12th consecutive year of delivering ‘five nines’ of uptime as we surpassed 2.1 billion operating minutes across our data centers globally.

Being so dependent on using power, we prioritize providing power in sustainable ways. We have more than doubled our total sourcing to 720,000 megawatt hours of renewables under contract which is enough renewable energy to power 80,000 homes in a typical year. We are on our way to our goal of making 100% renewable energy available to our customers within our facilities, such as our Oakland data center which runs on 100% renewable energy and our entire U.S. colocation portfolio, with carbon-free options.

For any questions about our commitment to uptime in our Bay Area data centers, feel free to reach me directly (

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