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Maximize Efficiency in Data Transfer through the Digital Realty Internet Exchange

Damion Lackamp, Director, Network Products
4月 6, 2017

More than ever, businesses rely on the fast and fluid transfer of data and the ability to retrieve data quickly. However, connecting through private, individual connections can be cumbersome and expensive. When it comes to sending large volumes of data traffic across many different networks, peering through an internet exchange is practically essential.

The Digital Realty Internet Exchange (DRIX) provides access to a centralized Ethernet switching fabric and the necessary supporting infrastructure to enable companies to connect and peer at speeds ranging from 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) to multiples of 10Gbps. In NYC (60 Hudson, 111 8th Ave, and 32 6th Ave) and Atlanta (56 Marietta and 250 Williams), DRIX customers can order port speeds of 100Gbps on our carrier grade platform. If needed, we can support multiple 100Gbps ports for customers who need speeds beyond 100Gbps.

"As we continue to scale our Edgecast Content Delivery Network for the internet demands of today and tomorrow, we are pleased to work with Digital Realty to further augment our network’s reliability and performance," said Verizon Digital Media Services’ Chief Network Officer Kyle Okamoto. "Adding multiple 100Gbps connections to the Digital Realty Internet Exchange in New York and Atlanta enables us to connect to more networks, improve the quality of experience for our customers and their end users, and support high traffic spikes."

DRIX is a neutral, privately-owned internet exchange that is designed to reduce operating costs, improve network performance, and add another layer of network resilience all over one platform. Connecting through an Internet Exchange rather than a private, direct connection reduces cost and improves performance.

Located in twelve facilities across four metro areas in the United States, DRIX includes cross connects at no additional charge to customers. Additionally, ports can be combined in link aggregation to respond to higher bandwidth needs.

Rapid and flexible provisioning is made possible through our award-winning MarketplacePORTAL, which makes it easy for customers to manage and monitor their DRIX services, all while reducing costs and improving performance.

To learn more about DRIX, check out our Internet Exchange portal page or fill out our contact form. And as always, you can out with any questions via Twitter.

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