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Hybrid Cloud Evolves for High Performance

Chris Sharp, CTO
4月 11, 2017

Cloud computing has become essential to running many business critical applications. Whether it’s internal IT teams seeking rapid deployment of development environments, rapid scaling of business applications, web conferencing, or vendors migrating to a cloud deployment model – it’s difficult to avoid dependence on the cloud solutions that support your business. Furthermore, finding comprehensive solutions that ensure critical business applications remain available and also help simplify hybrid cloud deployment is not easy.

Today, as IT environments are often comprised of numerous components requiring different cloud environments, a variety of connectivity options, and services from multiple providers, the complexity in integration has been a major hurdle for many enterprises. Of the 270 executives surveyed in a study conducted by technology analyst Gartner, 56% cited integration as the primary reason for choosing to transition from a SaaS solution to an on-premises solution.

An agile multi-cloud architecture is a critical business asset. Being able to quickly and securely deploy products and services is a competitive advantage that can directly impact a business’s bottom line.

When a business begins to put multiple cloud deployments together – such as a private cloud solution that uses public cloud to scale, or a public cloud solution that relies on data from a customer-hosted storage system – that’s when the power of hybrid cloud, as well as the complexity, begins to show. For best results, the environments comprising the hybrid cloud should be seamlessly interconnected. The difficulty of establishing that seamless connection has been part of the major challenge in the adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud computing.

Today, the Digital Realty Connected Campus brings together all the critical data center, network, and connectivity elements into one comprehensive solution and enables you to more easily create your multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architecture within a single, secure environment.

In addition, our Service Exchange delivers improved security, reliability and speed by avoiding the public Internet and providing you a private connection to your cloud provider of choice, or even simultaneous multiple clouds provider deployments, from a single or redundant ports.

The combination of our Connected Campus and Service Exchange helps to remove some of the hurdles in hybrid cloud deployment by bringing together critical network services, multiple cloud services providers and a variety of connectivity options all within one comprehensive solution.

Learn more about how the Connected Campus can benefit your business and start building the high-performance network you’ve been seeking by leveraging dedicated connectivity to the cloud from your private architecture.

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