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How Do I Build a Global Hybrid IT Infrastructure with AWS Outposts?

Scott Mills, VP, Solution Engineering
10月 9, 2020

As digital transformation forces Enterprise IT to evolve towards a global decentralized infrastructure delivery model, data gravity challenges surrounding hybrid IT capabilities, data localization, data exchange optimization and AI centers of excellence have become significant obstacles in the process.

Part of Digital Realty’s commitment to helping public and private enterprises optimize their value delivery includes seeking out opportunities to integrate specific solutions with trusted partners who share the same mission. We recently announced an unparalleled opportunity to integrate AWS Outposts with our Data Hub component of PlatformDIGITAL to further assist enterprises in developing a decentralized IT infrastructure delivery model that achieves true transformation.

This integration effectively enables enterprises to remove Data Gravity barriers and address the four key architecture challenges.

1. Data Hub with AWS Outposts addresses the challenges of IT deployments by:
Placing Hybrid IT workflows at centers of data exchange while consistently managing environments
Implementing direct interconnection and leveraging existing implementations
Reducing latency and cost while operationalizing workload-specific configurations

2. Data Hub with AWS Outposts addresses the challenges of data localization by:

Placing private data directly adjacent to AWS ingress/egress points while attaching AWS services to private workflows and data
Scaling cost-effectively private or hybrid storage near compute engines while bringing AWS cloud services to hybrid data stores
Reducing I/O workload bottlenecks

3. Data Hub with AWS Outposts addresses the challenges of data exchange optimization by:

Hosting secure data lake/warehouses while attaching to local workflows and data for latency-sensitive applications
Integrating public/private data sources to achieve data compliance & control while seamlessly combining AWS cloud and private data storage
Eliminating network-centric backhaul architecture challenges

4. Data Hub with AWS Outposts addresses the challenges of developing AI centers of excellence by:

Unifying analytics in private data hubs globally while bringing fit-for-purpose configurations to private cloud deployments
Removing AI performance limitations with data-centric architecture while hosting AWS analytics tools in private cloud environments

This unified solution offers a best-in-class Hybrid IT infrastructure paired with a seamless global ecosystem. It empowers enterprises to generate consistency in experience, security and resiliency.

About AWS Outposts

As a completely managed, monitored and updated service, AWS Outposts expands AWS infrastructures, AWS services, APIs, and tools to virtually any data center, colocation space, or on-premise facility.

With Outposts, customers can utilize services like Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service. Elastic reduces the demand on physical servers by running virtual servers, and Simple Storage allows locally-operated services to be extended to the cloud.

With connections to the nearest AWS region, AWS Outposts provide the same management and control plane services as on-premises. This means a consistent operational experience within on-premise and cloud environments.

About Data Hub

Large data sets across different architectures demand a modernized approach to storage and analysis. Data Hub improves the controls on performance and compliance while supporting increased volume, variability, and data velocity.

By deploying Data Hub on PlatformDIGITAL®, enterprises create centers of data exchange to solve global coverage, capacity and connectivity needs. These centers of data exchange are an ideal place to support analytical workflows.

The combination of PlatformDIGITAL and AWS Outposts enables enterprises to solve the most critical challenges created by digital transformation. Deploying an AWS Outpost within a Digital Realty Data Hub enables organizations to bring AWS compute services to their on-prem Data Warehouse enabling the sub millisecond delivery of results. Data Hub featuring AWS Outposts will allow enterprises to access AWS Hybrid, solve hybrid integration, optimize data exchange and generate unified analytics.

Get started building centers of data exchange with instant access to the following critical resources:

Data Hub with AWS Outpost Solution Brief – Benefit breakdown and architecture map out

Design Guide – Critical steps and important considerations when implementing AWS Outpost

Blueprint – Provides an architectural roadmap for successful deployments with AWS Outpost

Data Gravity Insights Hub – Provides insights on the intensity and impact of data across Global 2000 Enterprises.

Transform your IT infrastructure to reduce latency and improve performance through a single platform with our Data Hub Featuring AWS Outposts Solution Toolkit. Or contact us directly to schedule an IT strategy consultation and find out if Data Hub on AWS is the right solution for your business.

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