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Silicon Valley Colocation

Joe Sacks, Sr. Director, Enterprise Solutions
7月 30, 2018

1.6 MW Added in Santa Clara

I’m excited to announce that, beginning in early September, Digital Realty will add 1.6 MW of colocation capacity to our Santa Clara facility at 1100 Space Park. With densities capable of facilitating high dense enviroments, this added capacity will help support your growing needs, whether you’re a current customer looking to enter new markets, a startup who is beta testing new technologies, or a Fortune 50 looking to expand your market presence.

1100 Space Park Snapshot:

  • 1.6 MW of additional colocation capacity
  • 24/7 Remote Hands
  • Future-proofed deployments; cabinet to cage environments
  • Network dense ecosystem
  • Interconnected to our 365 Main Street, 200 Paul Ave, and other Bay Area facilities
  • Limited-time cabinet promotion happening now

I don’t think I need to convince you of Silicon Valley’s importance in the tech world. It is, afterall, America’s cradle of innovation and home to some of the world’s smartest and most prolific businesses. However the area isn’t just world famous for its impressive output, but for its ecosystem of resources that foster the growth of startups and established enterprises. These are just a few reasons why Silicon Valley is a critical area for many businesses, Digital Realty included.

Additional Cloud Enablement Services:

Simplifying hybrid cloud with Service Exchange. One of the services available in Silicon Valley is Service Exchange, an interconnection solution that enables businesses to simplify their hybrid cloud deployments and effectively future-proof their IT architectures. By providing a simple customer-facing management platform, Service Exchange simplifies many of the top challenges associated with juggling multiple clouds. The speed, flexibility, and security that accompanies the connections to major cloud providers and the extended ecosystem are mission critical services offered across the Digital Realty portfolio. Learn more about Service Exchange here.

Location, location, location: Proximity and power costs. While the cloud novice may not appreciate the importance of location, it plays a big part in how effective (and how cost effective) cloud service providers can be. For Digital Realty’s customers in its Silicon Valley facilities, that means several important things. For one, the Silicon Valley area has the bay area’s lowest utility rates as well as low infrastructure costs. Those are savings that we can then pass on to the customer. Additionally, our Metro Connect product provides customers with access to the dense carrier and cloud ecosystems across the Digital Realty Bay Area campus, along with connectivity into non-Digital Realty operated suites. Learn more about how Metro Connect can support your business.

To learn more about Digital Realty’s data center solutions, click here. For more information about our facilities in Silicon Valley, click here.

Our Santa Clara facility is currently part of the Cabinet Promotion, running now for a limited time. In order to take advantage of discounted rates on full cabinet deployments, reach out to your sales rep or send an email to sales@digitalrealty.com.

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