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Connected Campuses for Elastic Cloud Computing

Chris Sharp, CTO
3月 22, 2017

Elastic Hybrid Multi-Cloud can deliver High Performance and More.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that “elasticity” has become a much talked about concept in cloud computing in the past year. Why? Because if you have elastic cloud computing, that means you can easily scale up or down your computing resources when and where you need them. Ideally, on a self-service basis.

To create the optimal hybrid multi-cloud architecture, you need to create the right network.

In yesterday’s world, a variety of networking challenges prevented the majority of hybrid architectures from succeeding. Today, secure, private connections and solutions like our Service Exchange, powered by Megaport, are making many of those challenges a thing of the past by enabling data center providers to pull together more of the critical elements into a more comprehensive solution. In doing so, they enable you to more easily and effectively create your hybrid multi-cloud architecture.

A Solution Built for Growth and High Performance

The Digital Realty Connected Campus brings all the critical data center, cloud, connectivity, and network elements together under a single, secure environment. By doing so, we are able to future-proof your private IT deployments, from one cabinet to multi-megawatt, and meet your variable demands for space, power and bandwidth across our global footprint without having to impose restrictions on your business growth.

Better still, Digital Realty is the only data center provider with colocation in close proximity to compute nodes, which creates a unique platform supporting low-latency, high-throughput cloud architectures critical to creating your secure, and high-performance network.

As a result, your hybrid cloud environment can power more critical workloads and deliver faster results, all while improving network security and speed by leveraging dedicated connectivity to the cloud from your private architecture.

Our Digital Dallas location now offers low-latency colocation which is critical to your high-performance applications. Our unique partnership with IBM Cloud has led to the development of Direct Link Colocation, which delivers a minimal latency of 1.5 milliseconds or less.

IBM has deployed more cloud compute nodes with Digital Realty than any other datacenter provider to date. So the addition of its Direct Link Colocation offering bolsters the value of our Connected Campus by delivering a high throughput private fiber connection between Digital Realty data centers and IBM Cloud compute infrastructure, connecting public and private clouds housed within contiguous Digital Realty properties.

Service Exchange in Digital Dallas Connected Campus

Dallas is also one of the locations that recently received our Service Exchange product. Service Exchange further enables the development of a hybrid multi-cloud strategy by offering you a solution built for growth. Now you can use one physical Ethernet port to securely bringing all the critical data center capabilities in scale, colocation, and networking into a single, secure environment.

The Digital Dallas Connected Campus enables you to harness the power of proximity by enabling you to deploy alongside the essential computing resources that support your business.

If you’re looking to future-proof your IT strategy, make our Dallas location home to your current and future IT deployments. Create an elastic hybrid multi-cloud architecture today and deliver the secure, high-performance you’ve been seeking.

The Connected Campus Digital Dallas

In this three-part series, Digital Realty will explain how to get the maximum benefit of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, while reducing risk, increasing reliability, and often reducing cost.

Deploy alongside the essential cloud and computing resources that support your business at our Digital Dallas Connected Campus. Watch the video below to learn more.

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