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451 Research: 6 Key Takeaways for Strategic IT Infrastructure

Scott Sherwood, Sr. Director, Marketing
1月 9, 2020

Can your IT infrastructure keep up with your digital transformation plan?

Regardless of the stage or focus, digital transformation will affect everyone. As enterprises advance on their digital journeys, those that are able to use IT infrastructure strategically and creatively are more likely to gain a competitive advantage. What type of IT infrastructure contributes to digital transformation success?

To gain a better understanding of enterprise IT infrastructure, 451 research polled more than 750 global IT decision makers and discovered what contributes to success across these companies. The following takeaways and data points have been curated from the research report:

6 Key Takeaways to Ensure IT Infrastructure Enables Digital Transformation

1. Enterprises that are not transforming are being left behind

Firms are progressing on their digital transformation journey. Digital leaders in every industry are transforming their infrastructure and approach to IT. Organizations that are slow to transform risk being surpassed by competitors with a more strategic approach to IT.

2. Large enterprises are expanding geographically, putting pressure on IT infrastructure

A majority of enterprise respondents said their organizations are planning to expand geographically in the next two years and will require infrastructure in new locations. For many of them, leasing rather than building datacenter space will be the most flexible, low-risk, low-cost solution.

3. Internet of Things (IoT) and other applications and workloads will require near-real-time responsiveness and low latency

This means that data must be collected, stored and processed closer to the edge–either the network edge or the device–to reduce latency. Within these performance-sensitive applications, the direct device-to-cloud model is insufficient or uneconomical.

4. Data is an issue

Enterprises will increasingly be buried in data, much of which is not useful, but nuggets of which can be extremely valuable. Data is being generated in multiple locations from various sources and as it accumulates, it has a gravity that will increasingly require resources be brought to where it sits rather than transporting it to a central location. IT resources will need to be more decentralized.

5. Enterprises have a distribution problem

More users, more locations, more apps, more devices and more data equals big challenges. Moving data securely will become cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. Enterprises will need to move elements of IT away from their headquarters toward where the data is generated and utilized.

6. Organizations must optimize data exchange to succeed

The move to digitize is transforming the IT agenda. Optimizing data exchange will become one of the ways that companies differentiate themselves. Data hubs in, for example, multi-tenant datacenters around the world are essential elements of this strategy.

How Enterprise IT Leaders Can Differentiate

To get a better sense of how IT leaders are thinking about using datacenter services to enable digital transformation, access your complimentary copy of the 451 Research report, The Infrastructure Imperative: Optimizing Data Exchange to Ensure Global Digital Transformation.

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