Your Trusted Global Partner

The interconnected digital universe is growing exponentially every day. This presents both tremendous business and technological challenges making next-generation data centers a key component of an IT leader’s strategy.

We have always been strategic in our expansion by looking ahead to markets with the potential to deliver you the greatest value. Doing so has helped us establish our unparalleled global footprint and enabled us to deliver comprehensive solutions when and where you need them.

As a global data center partner, we are trusted with the mission-critical architectures of some of the top companies in social media, financial services, and health care. Our industry-leading record of 11 years of five nines ensures you’ll never go dark and that you can count on the security, reliability and agility required to support your high-performance networks.

Digital Realtyを選ぶ理由

Connected Campuses

Private cloud compute and storage capabilities on a large scale in key metro markets.

High-Density Data Centers

Support your high-value performance-sensitive applications.

Multi-Cloud Interconnection

Support your hybrid infrastructure and reduce the complexity of hybrid cloud.

Internet Gateways

Connect to the networks that drive your IT strategy and support your hybrid-cloud infrastructure.


Use one connection to access multiple clouds in multiple cloud regions and cloud on ramps with redundant connectivity options.

Full Range of Solutions

From move-in ready to fully customizable data center solutions.


Solutions Built for Growth

The Digital Realty Connected Campus brings all the critical data center, cloud, connectivity, and network elements together under a single, secure environment.

As a result, your hybrid multi-cloud environment can power more critical workloads and deliver faster results, all while improving network security and speed by leveraging dedicated connectivity to the cloud from your private architecture.

Creating a Strong Foundation

Listen to Chris Sharp, CTO & SVP of Innovation, discuss how Digital Realty is creating a strong foundation for the success of our customers.

Unparalleled Global Footprint

Digital Realtyの世界的なフットプリントにより、お客様のビジネスを地理的に拡大することが可能になるだけでなく、遅延の影響を受けやすいアプリケーションに求められる近接性と世界的スケールの相互接続性を提供します。

At Digital Realty, we have combined comprehensive data center services and expertise, interconnection, real estate acumen, and financial strength to create unique power of choice and value when and where you need it.

A Record of Operational Excellence

Ensure network resiliency and performance with our industry-leading record: 11 years of five nines (99.999%) uptime, and consistent provider across the globe.

Our experts will work with you every step of the way to maximize your cloud and interconnection strategy by customizing data center solutions to meet your specific needs.

Ecosystem Partner

Today, secure, private connections and solutions like our Connected Campus, and Service Exchange, powered by Megaport, are making some of the challenges of Hybrid cloud adoption a thing of the past by enabling data center providers to pull together more of the critical elements into a more comprehensive solution.

In doing so, they enable you to more easily and effectively create your hybrid multi-cloud architecture and give you access to an interconnected ecosystem of customers, partners and service providers that drive your business.

Strategic Growth

Our strategic acquisitions over the recent past have led to significant growth in our capabilities around colocation and interconnection and further strengthen our commitment to providing the foundation for the digital world by giving you the power of choice. Our organizational evolution has transformed our data centers into solution centers by bringing together all the essential cloud, interconnection and network elements together under one environment.



弊社の規制は大変厳しく、スケジュールはかなりきつかったにもかかわらず、Digital Realtyはしっかりやり遂げててくれました。どこをとっても素晴らしい提携関係でした。

Bob Lofton、NetApp情報技術部副部長