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Jan-Pieter Anten


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Jan-Pieter (JP) Anten is currently one of the EMEA Co-Managing Directors (MD) responsible for working with the global senior management team to deliver a strategy and results for the EMEA region in all facets of the business. He joined Digital Realty in 2011, and as part of the executive team, contributed to the vast expansion of the business and transformed the organisation to be ready for future sustainable growth.

Prior to joining Digital Realty, JP was responsible for the International Strategic Clients Europe at Hay Group, a global management consulting firm focused on combining business and people. Before Hay Group, he was part of the executive team of Synthon, an international pharmaceutical organisation.

JP’s wide consultancy experience has given him a good insight in how different businesses operate and combined with his broad expertise in HR he sees beyond the financial business numbers.

He has a degree from the University of Utrecht.

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